Bharti, a young filmmaker, directs and produces the film ‘The Curse’. It is her dream to become a successful director, and she puts her heart and soul into making this dream happen. Saru, the writer of this story, and the lead actor Kamal are also first-timers waiting for a suitable break in the film industry. All of them are banking on the successful release of this movie.


The plot deepens when a 200-year-old curse haunts those who watch this film. What irked the spirit from the dead? Who has been involved in awakening the ghost from the past? Was it a ghost or someone else who schemed the horrific incidents? 


Life of 3 is a crime investigative suspenseful thriller that tries to find the hidden mystery.


‘Life of 3 is a suspenseful thriller featuring young filmmakers’ (Sashi Preetam).


This story is about the life of three film technicians, a director, a writer, and an actor. Students from a film academy produce a horror flick. Strangely, those who watch this movie are haunted. As the mystery starts to unveil, it engulfs the life of these three characters and those around them with peculiar incidents. The remaining half of the movie is how their lives precipitate and reach their respective goals. It is a suspenseful crime investigative story.